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Hero image for Ghost Hunt - St James Theatre

Ghost Hunt - St James Theatre

Television (Excerpts) – 2006

Susan Mercer
Susan Mercer
22 Apr 2021 - 12.39am
Please, please can you release this great series on dvd. I have been waiting for years..l loved every minute if all of it. Just want to buy the DVDs now.
12 Mar 2015 - 12.07am
Love this series so much, I just wish they had released it on DVD or on the OnDemand app.
18 Apr 2014 - 11.25am
Absolutely enjoyed it - one of the best -even compared with todays shows. Get it back with the original team!

Greetings from Denmark
Curtis Chan
Curtis Chan
26 Mar 2014 - 11.18pm
Ghost Hunt, it's main appeal, is the realistic way it's put together.
It is incredibly underrated, and further shafted by the average kiwi having no belief/s in this sort of material.

Which is really sad, considering, NZ has some very historic buildings and sites etc. like the rest of the world, which do need investigation for paranormal or supernatural entities etc.

The one thing about the show most people wouldn't like, is that there's no violence from the entities etc. which people will expect thanks to the exploitation of the horror/thriller/slasher movie genres and the western societal movies which suggest that every entity has a story and a violent tendency towards everyone.

This show, is one of the only legit, authentic, and real shows I've ever seen for NZ.

I think they need to get the original crew back together, and keep going with it.

HD won't do anything for this series, because it wouldn't be the show it is without the SD feel.

The Presenters are amazing, well known, and very honest about what they do.

I credit the show, on not being stuck up, and pretentious, and jokingly presented, as most shows etc. on this type of material, are usually like that.

if NZ T.V wants credibility, and a downright, perfect show with genuinely interesting material, they should further fund Ghost Hunt, and bring back the orginal team, I read somewhere, that there was a planned 2nd season, but it never got to air.

What A Shame eh?

- Curtis
6 Mar 2014 - 12.05am
I agree with Gould's comment above. 'Ghost Hunt' is an underrated show that nailed the paranormal TV formula perfectly. The refreshing absence of a self-proclaimed psychic, the young and personable investigators, and the low-key presentation, combined to produce a show that contained some genuinely tense and scary moments; and that's more than can be said for some of the big budget paranormal shows we import. What a shame there wasn't a second season!
Malcolm Gould
6 Apr 2010 - 01.23am
I have enjoyed Ghost Hunt finding it a very interesting and excellent show. But I understand it is not made anymore,which is a great shame. I live in the UK and belong to a paranormal investigation group. Ghost Hunt I thought was one of the best I have seen for a TV series. And I often ask if there is any chance a new series will be made. I still watch and enjoy the repeats as it is well made very interesting and very spooky.
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