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Hero image for Shortland Street - Past Memories

Shortland Street - Past Memories

Web (Extras) – 2017

In these short clips from our ScreenTalk interviews, Shortland Street actors talk about the show.  

- Michael Galvin on doing a rap

- Martin Henderson on fast-paced TV

- Robyn Malcolm on "the slut in the cardy" 

- Tem Morrison on medical terms

- John Leigh on his exit

- Danielle Cormack on leaving first

- Antony Starr on acting under pressure

- Angela Bloomfield on her first day

- Craig Parker on forgetting ego

- Shane Cortese on his dark role

- Theresa Healey on playing "sassy"  

- Ido Drent on memorising fast

- Stephanie Tauevihi on ravaging Blair Strang

- Dean O'Gorman on relaxing on TV

- Amanda Billing on farewelling her character

- Mark Ferguson on playing his own brother 

- Stelios Yiakmis on stumbling into the set

- Elizabeth McRae on being warned away

- Rob Magasiva on nerves

- Nancy Brunning on her first six months

- Peter Elliott on thugs and idiots

- Paul Gittins on advice

- Blair Strang on sleeping with his sister

- Geraldine Brophy on her role

- Joel Tobeck on wheelchair jokes