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Grammar Boys

Television (Full Length) – 2003

To tell you the truth I bought into the zone so my son could attend Grammar. [...] You do come out of here with [the attitude], “we are grammar boys: everything is possible.
– Broadcaster and Grammar old boy John Hawkesby
Sport is absolutely essential. In any boys’ school you’ve got to have good sport. You have to. In this school, which has got a history of top achievement in sport, it’s even more important. If the first XV lose on Saturday then the assembly on Monday is a little bit restrained - that’s how important it is. If the 1st XV is having a great season, the morale is that much higher. That might seem crazy, but that’s the way it is.
– Headmaster John Morris
Winning is part of the culture, the atmosphere. You’re expected to achieve. You’re expected to win. And nothing else is considered good enough.
– Old Boy and Black Caps bowler Dion Nash
I have no doubt that if I hadn’t been in the rugby system here [at Grammar], I don’t think I would’ve been an All Black.
– Grant Fox