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Homegrown Profiles: Anika Moa

Television (Full Length) – 2005

We did 12 to 14 songs and they were awesome but the record company didn't like them. [...] It was all out of my hands because at the record company heaps of people ended up getting made redundant. Which was quite fortunate for me. They got a new managing director who happened to love it.
– Anika Moa on making her second album
What I was trying to get across to them was that I wasn't going to be marketed in a pop sense. I wasn't going to be marketed as 'she's got nice clothes, she's skinny, she's got the pop songs'. I said to them why don't we just market that I'm a singer-songwriter and I like playing live?
– Anika Moa
When I was in fifth form I was in another older band and we were so bad. We did made-up songs that were so bad. I remember thinking at the time when we were practicing 'these songs are shit'. And I wrote them as well...
– Anika Moa