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Hero image for Homegrown Profiles: Bic Runga

Homegrown Profiles: Bic Runga

Television (Full Length) – 2005

Bic Runga's debut album Drive had enjoyed unprecedented success in New Zealand and was also well received internationally.
– Narrator Jane Yee
The album that I've just made now, the goal was kind of to make a record that was imagining rock having never happened because it's really sparse. There's no distorted guitar. I love that sort of music but I don't make it that well. I wish I could, but I just don't do it as well as other people.
– Bic Runga on her album Birds
My sister Boh, who's six years older, had like a Telecaster, Fender Telecaster copy, a Korean Telecaster. And I just thought that was the coolest. It just looked cool, and in fact the guitar I play now is pretty much the same guitar. For me it was the equivalent of wearing my Mum's high heel shoes, just trying to play Boh's guitar.
– Bic Runga