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Homegrown Profiles: Che Fu

Television (Full Length) – 2005

I used to be sort of weary of the whole pressure about living up to people's expectations and that used to happen with the two prior records. But this time round I think, just through years of experience I've kind of learnt not to take that on board. So really the only pressure musically that I've come across with this record is purely from myself.
– Che Fu, on his album Beneath the Radar
The worst thing was I was just totally unprepared for it because I didn't know anything about it. I mean, we'd spent prior to that the last three months learning up the new songs for Traction [...] and they were kind of like my songs. And I was just totally shocked they'd asked me to leave.
– Che Fu, on splitting with Supergroove
Through a loophole in his contract Che ended his relationship with BMG and moved to Sony Music for the release of his sophomore album. Ironically Malcolm Black, the lawyer who had drawn up Che's resignation from Supergroove, was now the Director of A&R at Sony.
– Narrator Jane Yee