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Hunt's Duffer

Television (Full Length) – 1973

This 1973 TV drama is inspired by events which led to a major riot on the West Coast during the 1860s gold rush. After prospector Albert Hunt (Ron Burt) registers a gold claim near Ōkārito, he finds himself accompanied by hundreds of fellow miners — who refuse to let Hunt out of their sights, as he returns to the site via water-logged forests and beaches. The darkly poetic tale of what men can do after they smell gold was partly shot on location on the West Coast. The opening features Sam Neill and Close to Home veteran Tony Curran, among Hunt's fireside colleagues.

I'll be damned if I'm going to be told what to do by this lazy freebooting mob.
– Albert Hunt (Ron Burt)

Key Cast & Crew

Ron Burt

As: Albert Hunt

Peter Coates

Co-Director, Writer, Producer, Writer

Rob Cameron

Co-Director, Writer

David Burger

As: Foley

Gil O'Sullivan

Shiels (shopkeeper)

Kevin Woodill

As: Warden Price

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Produced by

NZ Broadcasting Corporation