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I Am a Dancer!

Television (Full Length) – 1990

I don’t think there’s such a great difference between being a dancer and being a junkie. It’s both punishing yourself like crazy. It’s what dancers actually have to do. They’re addicted to it.
– Malcolm Ross
I like being upside down and I like flying through the air. I like the feeling of danger.
– Douglas Wright
Everything’s made up of cells that move. That’s dancing. I think dancing’s basically going on all the time so I think it’s everything.
– Douglas Wright
In 1983, while in New York on a QEII Arts Council grant, Wright auditioned and, to his amazement, was chosen over 139 other male dancers to join Paul Taylor's prestigious company.
– Writer Hilary Jones in The Evening Post, 18 February 1989, page 34
I don't really want to say anything about myself. I just want to do it — make dances.
– Douglas Wright, in an interview with Evening Post writer Hilary Jones, 18 February 1989, page 34