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Hero image for I'm Going to Mum's

I'm Going to Mum's

Short Film (Full Length) – 2013

Dad forgot to do the washing.
– Jacob ( Duane Evans Junior) on one of the annoying aspects of divorce
Can you get out of my house, please?
– Gwen (Narelle Ahrens) greets her soon to be ex-husband Anthony (Jarod Rawiri)
I’m Going to Mum’s is a story about innocence, division, role reversal, loyalty, and autonomy. It’s about the right to lead a whole life. My aim is to have the audience laughing, but really gunning for this family at the same time. There’s a lot of curiosity about the dynamics of 'shared care' ... rather than preach or judge, the film offers hope. Yes, adults can react badly when their egos are hurt, but if they put the children first, they can move beyond it.
– Writer/director Lauren Jackson