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Hero image for INSiDE - First Episode

INSiDE - First Episode

Television (Trailer and Full Length Episode) – 2020

Hearing your voice this morning made me realise that this was my chance to finally apologise...
– Teacher Sam (Sam Snedden) on his homemade apology message
Crunchy or smooth?
– Rose's flatmate Adrian (Josh Thomson) asks the big peanut butter question
Thank you for calling Bunny. We strive for real connections.
– Rose (Morgana O'Reilly) is ready to take your call
Humans have an innate need to connect to each other. And through Covid, the kind of weird irony of it is that in a time of high anxiety and fear and worry, you’re not allowed to touch each other. And then you’ve got Rose, who is a social reject anyway. She doesn’t like people and doesn’t feel comfortable with them ... whether it’s a particularly ethical way to do it, she finds that she really does want to see people...
– Actor Morgana O'Reilly on her character of Rose, Stuff, 6 August 2020
I would play the main character — no other competition when it’s just me in the house — and then a few weeks we later we got the money and it was like ‘Oh shit, now we have to make it! And…what are we going to do with the kids?’
– Morgana O'Reilly on making a lockdown series with her partner Peter Salmon, Capsule website, 6 August 2020
I thought it would be much harder to have a show filmed in my house than it was to be honest. I've spent my whole career thinking people are crazy inviting a film crew into their home, but it was really fun! I could pretty much roll out of bed and onto set. I spent nearly the whole shoot wearing my slippers...
– Director/producer Peter Salmon on filming at home