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Hero image for Islands of the Gulf - Episode 2

Islands of the Gulf - Episode 2

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2018

Our ancestors were determined to discover fertile lands for gardening, and they found a real jewel in this wonderful place called Motutapu...
– James Brown, chairman of Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki iwi, on the first residents of Motutapu Island
When I joined in 1956, you had to be 23 years of age, married, and be of sober character, and I thought they were three great things. But the best was 'sober character' — so lighthouse keepers never drank, but that was only a myth. Because in the lighthouse service you're not allowed off the island for a year . . . grandma dying's not a good enough excuse. Break your leg, they might let you off.
– Ray Walter recalls the requIrements to become a lighthouse keeper, early in this episode
...I found when I left the island I was inhibited in conversation with normal people, just because you're used to being on your own.
– Ronnie Harrison on returning to Motutihe Island, where she lived and worked for years
Of all the islands in the Gulf, Kawau is where you can see enduring evidence of New Zealand's colonial past...
– Presenter Elisabeth Easther introduces Kawau Island, where Governor George Grey built a grand home
I'm not sure how dad got any work done here. I mean it's such a magnificent place...
– Vern Cotter revisits Motuihe Island, where his dad farmed when he was born
The turnover of staff was absolutely enormous.
– Former lighthouse keeper Ray Walter on the turnover of people in the job