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Joe Bennett's Guide to the Corridors of Power

Television (Full Length) – 2001

We issue information in a managed way.
– Mike Munro, press secretary to Prime Minister Helen Clark
So who was this Heather Simpson? Who was this power behind the throne?
– Joe Bennett on Helen Clark's Chief of Staff
I think one thing that's unfortunate about it is that we've become poll-driven fruitcakes.
– Politican Richard Prebble
It is actually about the strength of your reasoning and your arguments ... you do need to know the right people so that you can put the best arguments in front of the right people, but Joe, if you go to the right people and you don't have anything to say then it won't make any difference.
– Lawyer Mai Chen on getting things done in Wellington
Spin is just another word for information trading.
– Radio New Zealand reporter Al Morrison
There is this commitment to consult with you, but there's no commitment to actually ever bring anything to a conclusion where there's an outcome. It's just continuous consulting. I find this wearying and tiresome.
– Women's rights advocate and politician Merepeka Raukawa-Tait