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Hero image for Ken Smith - 60 Years at the Wheel

Ken Smith - 60 Years at the Wheel

Film (Trailer) – 2020

I don't know how he's done it to be honest. One, he's survived it. The sixties, seventies, eighties — you wouldn't say racing was exactly safe.
– US IndyCar champion Scott Dixon, on Ken Smith's longevity in motorsport
People ask me what I get out of racing against these kids? But why wouldn’t you keep on doing what you enjoy, just because you’re 65? Of course I’ll keep racing: it’s a disease isn’t it?
– Ken Smith on his continued love of racing, in an interview with AutoTrader, 25 September 2006
Generally what happens is guys start racing and then get to an age where they pack that in and become a team owner or manager. Ken just loves racing, so he won’t stop.
– Director Adam Jones on Ken Smith's racing career, Stuff website, 28 July 2020