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The World's Fastest Indian Film – 2005 Drama

The World's Fastest Indian

Film – 2005 Drama

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The incredible true story of how Burt Munro, an ageing oddball from Invercargill, took his home-engineered motorbike to America and won a land speed record. Director Roger Donaldson's passion project marked his first locally made film in two decades. Variety described it as "like a geriatric Rocky on wheels”, while Roger Ebert praised Anthony Hopkins' performance as one of the most endearing of his career. The result sold to 126 countries, spent five weeks in the Australian top six, and became NZ's highest-grossing local film — until Boy in 2010.

This is one of Anthony Hopkins' most endearing, least showy performances. (Hopkins) is concerned here with the precise behavior of a quiet, introverted man who is simultaneously obsessed and a little muddled. It's as if his fellow racing drivers have been visited by a traveler from the dawn of their sport, when guys tinkered with their machines in the tool shed and roared up and down country roads. Burt Munro is a man for whom the world seems brand-new.
– Roger Ebert, reviewing The World's Fastest Indian, 3 Feb 2006

Produced by

WFI Productions


Available to buy and rent from iTunes.


Financed by the New Zealand Film Production Fund, the NZ Film Commission, OLC Rights Entertainment Tanlay AG in association with 3 Dogs & A Pony.


Score composed by British-born J Peter Robinson, featuring a 61-piece orchestra. A soundtrack CD is commercially available here.