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Kete Aronui - Merata Mita Television (Excerpts) – 2007 Documentary Arts/Culture Māori

Kete Aronui - Merata Mita

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This episode of the Māori Television series about Aotearoa artists follows Māori screen pioneer Merata Mita. Mita produced vital work anchored in culture and community. This extract concentrates on the occupation of Bastion Point. Mita and protest leader Joe Hawke talk of how 25 May 1978 shaped her concerns as a filmmaker: "It was life, it was a transformation". The documentary includes footage from Bastion Point: Day 507, Patu, Mita's feature Mauri and Utu, and sees her running a lab for indigenous filmmakers. The episode was the 17th screened in Kete Aronui's fifth season.

It was interesting because the whole idea of it isn't like getting the scripts in order, it’s about nurturing and helping the screenwriter and the director to reach the point where they feel confident about going out and directing the film that they've written.
– Mita on her film lab for aboriginal writers and directors