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Hero image for Kete Aronui - Merata Mita

Kete Aronui - Merata Mita

Television (Excerpts) – 2007

It was interesting because the whole idea of it isn't like getting the scripts in order, it’s about nurturing and helping the screenwriter and the director to reach the point where they feel confident about going out and directing the film that they've written.
– Mita on her film lab for aboriginal writers and directors
The huge emotional impact of that day just stopped me in my tracks. I thought this is the most important part of this history … it's happening here while we can record it and be witness to it, and hundreds of other people would be witness to it. And it won't just be something that children will read in history books, it's something they will be able to see on the screen.
– Mita on making Bastion Point: Day 507
It was an important record, it was an important statement that was made.
– Joe Hawke on Bastion Point: Day 507