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Hero image for The Great Maiden's Blush

The Great Maiden's Blush

Film (Trailer) – 2015

The Great Maiden's Blush hinges on two people from very different backgrounds: a girl-racer in prison for manslaughter (Hope and Wire's Miriama McDowell), who plans to adopt out her baby, and a failed classical pianist (Renee Lyons) whose own baby is due for a risky operation. Each must confront their own secrets in order to move forward. Andrea Bosshard and Shane Loader's acclaimed third movie continues an interest in character-rich stories where "big themes play out in modest circumstances". It won awards for McDowell and Best Self-Funded Film at the 2017 NZ Film Awards.

There is an intensely impressionistic sense to Bosshard and Loader's work ... the directors make the most of the limitations, proving that care and dedication are worth far more than any blank cheque.
– James Robins, in a 23 May 2016 Listener review

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