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Hero image for Kombi Nation

Kombi Nation

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2003

The plan was to be in a guerilla mode really, so we could go anywhere and shoot anything at any time ... so if something came up or something happened we could just cope with it.
– Director of photography Simon Riera
The dramatic and comic potential of this clever set-up is rich enough but Lahood ups the ante by introducing a snake in the grass: Scott (Whyte) ... He is both less and more than he seems. (Director) Grant Lahood has a sure sense of the chaos of that form of travel, which is sort of like mixed flatting in a space the size of a ping-pong table ...
– Peter Calder in the NZ Herald, 11 October 2003
I’m really pleased that we managed to capture the spirit of this journey that Kiwis have been making for what’s now generations: since the 60s people have been going to London, buying a Kombi van and doing this journey. And we got it, we got it on film.
– Director Grant Lahood