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Hero image for Let's Get Inventin' - Very Lazy Boy Chair

Let's Get Inventin' - Very Lazy Boy Chair

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2006

You've got to work to be lazy.
– Engineer Chris Chitty
I think you're pretty lazy. Let's go find you a La-Z-Boy.
– Furniture store manager John Morgan helps Josh out
How much longer is this gonna to take?
– Josh asks Chris Chitty why the inventing is taking so long
I think we need something to make it go really fast. None of this trundling around slowly ... I'm thinking...jet engines!
– Rocket Man Bruce Simpson mentions rockets again
An actual La-Z-Boy chair will be used as the base of the invention. Wheels will be attached to either side of a frame. Motors will drive the back wheels and the fridge, and the PlayStation. Hopefully...
– The narrator
You could separate the child inventors into two camps: pragmatists and idealists ... The idealists were one bad PE class away from losing the ***king plot. They were children on the edge. Alongside your classic Rocket Skates, this group invented the Very Lazy Boy — a normal La-Z-Boy with a mini fridge and jet pulse engine — and the Terminator Mailbox, intended to destroy vandals with paintballs to the gut.
– Writer Josie Adams on website The Spinoff, 29 May 2019