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Loading Docs 2015 - Tihei

Web (Full Length) – 2015

I first met Tihei back in Whangarei where we both lived. We didn’t know each other well, but I remember seeing him a fair bit on the sidelines at club rugby games. Other than that I didn’t know a lot about him – he was a friendly but unassuming guy. Then a few years ago, a mate sent through a video of Tihei busking up at Waitangi. He’d asked Tihei to rap about Hora Hora, our local rugby club. Tihei pressed play on his backing cd and started to freestyle. I was blown away.
– Director Hamish Bennett
The lyrics, the rhymes, the way he tied everything together – it was so hard to believe he’d made it all up on the spot. And when I learnt a bit more about the challenges that Tihei has faced in his life, and the values that he promotes, it further reinforced my keenness to make something with him if I ever got the chance.
– Director Hamish Bennett
You got your way, I got my way. Some people talk, some people write, some people sing. Me: I freestyle.
– Tihei Harawira