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The Dump Short Film (Full Length) – 2012 Drama Māori Comedy

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Eleven-year-old Utah gets dumped with his estranged dad for the day in this 2011 short film. Dad is the sole employee at a Northland rubbish dump. Utah is embarrassed by his Dad’s job and recycled gifts, but thanks to a trash tour and reversing lessons, gets to know him better. One of the first products of the NZ Film Commission’s Fresh Shorts scheme, the film won director Hamish Bennett a NZ Writers Guild award for Best Short Film Script. The Dump was the first short from teacher Bennett and actor/producer Orlando Stewart; they followed with 2014 award-winner Ross and Beth.

Key Cast & Crew

Reiki Ruawai

As: Utah

Orlando Stewart

Producer, As: Orlando

Hamish Bennett

Director, Writer

When my mates ask me what my old man does, I just say he’s on the dole: I get less s**t for that.
– Utah (Reiki Ruawai) mentions his low expectations for the day

Produced by

Scottie Productions


World premiere on 18 April 2012 at the Dallas International Film Festival  (Angelika 7 cinema)

New Zealand premiere in June 2012 at the Wairoa Māori Film Festival (Kahungunu Marae)