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Loading Docs 2015 - Gina Web (Full Length) – 2015 Documentary

Loading Docs 2015 - Gina

Web (Full Length) – 2015 Documentary

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Gina lives in a dark, silent, room in a Wellington rest home, unable to leave her bed, communicate except by a complex touch system, and barely able to move. A rare unnamed genetic disorder has left her living what she calls “an existence, not a life”.  This documentary by Wellington film-makers Wendall Cooke and Jeremy Macey takes a look at her condition in relation to euthanasia, for which she is a passionate advocate. As Gina did not want to appear on camera, her sister Roslyn who suffers from the same condition, albeit less severely, portrays her in the film.

Key Cast & Crew

Jeremy Macey

Co-Director, Co-Producer

Wendell Cooke

Co-Director, Co-Producer

Rose Petterson

Art Director

It would give me great peace of mind knowing I have a choice. I can decide when the time is right for me to end my suffering in a dignified way.
– Gina on euthanasia, in a 27 July 2015 NZ Herald article