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Loading Docs 2017 - Union

Web (Full Length) – 2017

When New Zealander Jared James moved to Japan, he found himself isolated by the distance, the culture and the language. A co-worker recommended he try out for the local rugby union team. After coming to terms with the difficulties he might face — the language, his fitness — he finally gave it go. James found not just a team, but an opportunity to share culture and friendship. Made as part of 2017 web series Loading Docs, the film began after director Jericho Rock-Archer met Jared on a flight to Japan; the two kept in touch as each found a home there. 

Being in the middle of a million strangers made me think hard about who I was, and who I wanted to be.
– Jared James

Key Cast & Crew

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Jericho Rock-Archer


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Joshua Rollo


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Steffan Paton

Sound Design

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Anna Jackson

Consulting Producer

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William Wragg


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Julia Parnell

Executive Producer

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