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Hero image for Loading Docs 2019 - Water Baby

Loading Docs 2019 - Water Baby

Web (Full Length) – 2019

It's fitting that freedive world champion William Trubridge and his freediver/actor partner Sachiko Fukumoto would want their baby to be delivered via a water birth. Boasting beautiful underwater footage of the pair freediving (diving without breathing apparatus), this Loading Docs short film follows the couple's birthing journey. Trubridge is also filmed swimming the Cook Strait underwater, to raise awareness of endangered Kiwi dolphins. In 2016 Trubridge set a world record after freediving 102 metres. Katherine McRae (Shortland Street, Go Girlsdirects. 

If we do get to do a water birth, then hopefully our daughter will feel like the water is an element that she enjoys being in, and it’ll be natural to her.
– William Trubridge

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Toshiyuki Furuyama

Toshiyuki Furuyama

Underwater Cinematography

Generic Profile image for Peter Zuccarini

Peter Zuccarini

Underwater Cinematography

Generic Profile image for William Trubridge

William Trubridge

Underwater Cinematography, Subject

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Migiwa Ozawa


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Jess Charlton


Profile image for Katherine McRae

Katherine McRae

Director, Co-Producer, Camera

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Produced by

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Tūtū Company