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Hero image for Loading Docs 2018 - What Logan Did

Loading Docs 2018 - What Logan Did

Web (Full Length) – 2018

So, after seeing didymo completely destroy the waterways I love, I was incredibly angry because I felt like no one was doing anything about it so I translated that anger to try and find a solution to didymo.
– Logan Williams, on why he created bioplastics out of didymo
It’s a ticking time bomb in the back country of the South Island. In fact, it’s more like a stealth bomber — it’s creeping up on us and if we just ignore it, our rivers are basically screwed.
– Scientist Logan Williams, on the invasive algae didymo
This might be the first time you’ve heard his name but I’ll guarantee it won’t be the last. Driven by a passion for restoring balance to the planet, Logan is a young man set to make a huge impact in this country ...
– Director Jane Mahoney on inventor Logan Williams