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Hero image for Lowdown Dirty Criminals

Lowdown Dirty Criminals

Film (Trailer) – 2020

Can someone be kind of dead?
– The Upholsterer (Rebecca Gibney)
I can honestly say I have never had so much fun on set — we were constantly laughing. This cast and crew put a smile on my face every day.
– Actor Robbie Magasiva on making Lowdown Dirty Criminals, in a 14 July 2020 press release
It's about looking the devil in the eye, and walking straight past him.
– Lowdown Dirty Criminals writer David Brechin-Smith
[the film] maintains a hang-loose and endearingly scrappy tone ... [James] Rolleston is not just a likeable presence; he seems to bend the tone of the entire film in his lowkey direction, giving it a hard-to-hate sincerity even when it is vulgar.
– Guardian reviewer Luke Buckmaster, 18 August 2010
This kooky little crime caper is filled with memorable moments and terrific one-liners ... Director Paul Murphy (Second-Hand Wedding, Love Birds) deserves credit for keeping the action and laughs coming thick and fast and putting together an eclectic Kiwi soundtrack that includes choice cuts by everyone from Supergroove to Blerta.
– Writer James Croot, in a three and a half star review, Stuff, 20 August 2010