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Lynn of Tawa - In Search of the Great New Zealand Male

Television (Full Length) – 1994

In this documentary, Kiwi icon Lynn of Tawa (Ginette McDonald) — she of mangled vowel fame — goes on the prowl in search of the ultimate Kiwi bloke. The girl from the suburbs explores the gamut of masculine mythology, from Man Alone to mateship, and asks "can a woman ever be a mate?". Made when the good keen man was facing up to the challenge from SNAGs, the documentary travels from the West Coast (for sex education) to a men's club, from rugby scrums to rabbit culls, and meets hunters, lawyers and gay ten-pin bowlers. The opening credits mispell Lynn as Lyn. 

There comes a time when you realise that shooting deer is not everything — that being the top shot and being the mountain man and all these other things is only a passing phase ... I think the genuine mountain man is a loner, but I think he is very very resourceful.
– Hunter turned photographer David Osmers

Key Cast & Crew

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Amanda Robertshawe


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Michael McDonald

Writer, Director, Producer

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Ginette McDonald

As: Lynn of Tawa

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Paul Horan


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Matt Bowkett


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Jan Bolton


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Ultimate Productions


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