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The Best of The Billy T James Collection

Television (Full Length) – 1992

Billy T’s unique brand of humour is captured at its affable, non-PC best in this compilation of skits from his popular 1980s TV shows. There’s Te News (“somebody pinched all the toilet seats out of the Kaikohe Police Station...now the cops got nothing to go on!”) with Billy in iconic black singlet and yellow towel; a bro’s guide to home improvement; skits about first contact, and a take off of Miami Vice. No target is sacred (God, the IRA, the talking Japanese sketch) and there are classic advertising spoofs for Pixie Caramel’s “last requests” and Lands For Bags’ “where’d you get your bag”.

A cow cocky nearly died of exposure from standing in the middle of his paddock for 18 hours. The man said he was trying to win the Nobel Peace Prize by being out standing in his field.
– Billy T reads Te News


Thanks to the Billy T James Family Trust and the performers and key creatives featured in this programme 

Made with funding from NZ On Air