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Hero image for Pictorial Parade No. 96 - The New Army

Pictorial Parade No. 96 - The New Army

Short Film (Full Length) – 1960

An edition of the Pictorial Parade magazine-film series, 'The New Army' provides a short potted history of Kiwis in combat overseas, from World War I to the then-current Malayan Emergency. From the First New Zealand Expeditionary Force being reviewed by King George V in England, through desert warfare and island hopping in World War II, to the New Zealand Regiment's 2nd Battalion training for jungle warfare. The reel finishes with the battalion displaying new weapons and techniques, before parading through Wellington and embarking for Malaya.

Then, as now, the Kiwi was regarded as a soldier with initiative, a man of action who’d sailed half way around the world to defend his country down under.
– Narrator

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