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Hero image for Million Dollar Tumour

Million Dollar Tumour

Television (Full Length) – 2006

So here lies the problem: an ever increasing choice of drugs, but a very limited pool of funds. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because the medication exists, it exists for you.
– Dave Bowman
But unlike Pharmac, I don't have the luxury of time ... Temozolomide is registered here [in New Zealand] and I can buy it but if I can't find the $6000 a month to pay for it myself, the chances that I'll be here next Christmas look slim.
– Dave Bowman
... a fighter in every sense of the word. He was also a champion bloke, a fine police officer, a loving husband, father, brother and son.
– Steve Plowman, in an August 2006 NZ Police Association obituary of Dave Bowman
Even though he was quite unwell ... people started phoning us and emailing us saying, 'Thank you so much. You have made such a huge difference in our lives.' ... Dave really got a lot of joy out of that in the last few weeks.
– Penny Bowman to The NZ Herald, after her husband's death in June 2006