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NZSAS: First Among Equals - Full Series

Television (Full Length Episodes) – 2007

"I'd rather have no one passes selection than to lower the standards," says an NZSAS commanding officer in this four-part series. A select group of soldiers get pushed to breaking point as they attempt to win a coveted place on the NZ Special Air Service. After years of rigorous physical, mental and emotional training, only the best of the best  the "one percenters"  obtain the coveted signature belt and beret. Narrated by Mike McRoberts (3 News) the series follows the inner workings of the elite fighting unit, from training to deployment. Since May 1955, the NZSAS has fought in many major conflicts overseas.

Once you decide to do the cycle…you give it your all.
– Former NZSAS soldier Dale on the training process, in episode two

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Greg Junovich

Greg Junovich

Sound Design

Generic Profile image for Yves Simard

Yves Simard

Field Director, Cinematographer

Profile image for Steven O'Meagher

Steven O'Meagher

Writer, Producer, Director

Profile image for Mike McRoberts

Mike McRoberts


Profile image for Simon Coldrick

Simon Coldrick

Post-Production Director, Writer, Post-Production Editor, Online Editor

Generic Profile image for Steve Fisher

Steve Fisher

Additional Camera Operator

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