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Hero image for My Year with Helen

My Year with Helen

Film (Trailer) – 2017

I sometimes say, no one will put a red carpet out for any of us … did anyone ever say to me ‘Helen, please come forward and run for Parliament and strive to be a minister or Prime Minister?’ No. No red carpet was ever rolled out: you gotta knock those doors down.
– Helen Clark
I just wondered what she was up to, so I got in touch with her and asked what she felt about a documentary about the work she was doing … I had no idea she would make a bid for the top job [at the United Nations]. I don't think she did either.
– Director Gaylene Preston on website Stuff, 11 May 2016
I believe this film is important and timely because it chronicles the way an organisation like the UN, which, even though it has strong remits around gender equity at the highest level, turns its back on that and sticks to the status quo.
– Gaylene Preston, in the My Year with Helen press kit
[Gaylene] Preston says the film poses the hard question: what will it take for a woman to lead in a very high profile global position?
– From the My Year with Helen press kit