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Hero image for Native Affairs - Series 11, Episode Three

Native Affairs - Series 11, Episode Three

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2017

As long as my mind works, I will continue to create.
– David Seidler, on when he'll stop writing
We understand our Government has given you consent and you have given them money. But we do not want your money. We do not want you here in our waters. Get out.
– Captain of the Te Matua-a-Māui Raihania Tipoki, to the seismic testing vessel Amazon Warrior
It was a way to get everyone's attention, it's rustled a few feathers and shaken the Beehive maybe. But for us to put in the claim [to the Waitangi Tribunal] to do that, we'll do anything that we need to do to try and get rid of the stuff.
– Mongrel Mob boss Rex Timu, on his claim to the Waitangi Tribunal for support for his people to battle meth-abuse
I said 'You know Nan, I'd really prefer it if you didn't call me Whitey', and she said 'why not Whitey?'. I said, 'It's a little insulting, it makes me feel uncomfortable ...'. She said, 'OK Nigger'. And to the day she died that was my name.
– Brit-American Screenwriter David Seidler on the dry humour of his Māori mother-in-law
That whole woven whāriki is made from the hands of people that love you and that you love back in return ... and the community coming together.
– One of Tina Tupe's whānau on the funeral cloak they're weaving for her