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Hero image for Night Sky - Sun Eclipse

Night Sky - Sun Eclipse

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1965

Michael Greaney
Michael Greaney
20 Jul 2014 - 10.20pm
I was searching the web to find the exact date of the eclipse and came across this web page. I was a member of the Auckland Astronomical Society team at Matauri Bay. I assisted John Orr and Con Hargraves in photographing the eclipse. My job was to note the time each photo was taken. The New Zealand Nation Film Unit also covered the eclipse. It's good to see the Night Sky made available online.
Jim Harris
Jim Harris
26 Feb 2014 - 04.26pm
I watched all the episodes I could when I was a child (in black & white in the 60's). Peter inspired the passion in me for astronomy. I would go to the library at the schools I went to so that I could gain as much information as I could about astronomy. Thank you Peter Empen
James  Haynes
James Haynes
20 May 2012 - 08.51am
Today is May 19, 2012. After all these years I was surfing the net, and came across this site, and the documentary of the solar eclipse in 1965. My brother, Wally, and myself were part of the scientific team involved in the launch of the Arcus rockets used to study the eclipse. We shall always be grateful to Dr. Kane for including us in his work. Dr Kane passed away a few years ago. We had the opportunity to contact him before he passed to let him know how he influenced our lives by including us in his. I notified my brother of this documentary, and we both enjoyed watching it. Our only regret was we did not appear with Dr Kane during his interview. We both will forever remember our time spent in the great country of New Zeaqland, and the wonderful people we met while there. Thank you again for the documentary.

Jim Haynes

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