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Hero image for Out for the Count
Gael first started singing and playing guitar in bands as a teenager in Hamilton, and later in Tauranga. She's done country, cabaret, middle-of-the-road pop music, through to heavy rock.
– A New Zealand Woman's Weekly article on Gael Ludlow, 7 November 1988, page 10
It was the first time a lot of people knew I had anything to do with rock music ... ladies well over 60 would come up and say, "I'd never watched RWP before, but I did that time, and I liked it.'
– Gael Ludlow on RWP screening the Galaxy concert, The New Zealand Woman's Weekly, 7 November 1988, page 11
In the middle of all of this, the Mushroom A&R rep caught Knightshade in action at the Hillcrest and offered them a five-year deal ... it turned out Mushroom were after a big ballad. In fact, they demanded one.
– Glen Moffatt in an AudioCulture profile of Knightshade, 27 September 2018
Rock has always been the first love.
– Gael Ludlow, in a Radio with Pictures interview at the time