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Swagger of Thieves Film (Trailer) – 2017 Documentary Music Arts/Culture

Swagger of Thieves

Film (Trailer) – 2017 Documentary Music Arts/Culture

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Head Like A Hole (aka HLAH) were a clap of heavy metal thunder over the jangly chords of the early 90s New Zealand music scene. Known for unhinged, "apeshit" live shows and outrageous clothing-optional antics, their flame died out amidst drugs and acrimony before a 21st Century reformation. This all-access passion project from director Julian Boshier was a decade in the making, tagging along with Nigel 'Booga' Beazley (and partner Tamzin), Nigel Regan et al, as the still rocking members of this distinctive Kiwi rock’n’roll family enter middle age: spats, moshing n’all.

Key Cast & Crew

Dick Reade

Sound Mix

Edward Larsen


Julian Boshier

Director, Producer, Cinematographer

...Swagger of Thieves will be regarded as not just a great Kiwi doco but also one of the world's great rock n' roll documentaries ... It shows the glitz of the music biz and the gutter of drug addiction. It takes you from adoring stadium stages to stages that are far too small. From chart success to near irrelevance. From touring the world to washing windows.
– Karl Puschmann, in a review of Swagger of Thieves in The NZ Herald, 11 August 2017