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One Network News - Paul Holmes Meets Margaret Thatcher

Television (Full Length) – 1993

We still have in our party some amazingly snobby people who come from backgrounds that have governed the Tory party for a thousand years. So when the daughter of a greengrocer became the leader of the party, that is exactly how they treated her. And she was aware of it, and she killed every one of them.
– Jeffrey Archer
She began to believe her own propaganda. She began to believe that she could walk on water.
– Austin Mitchell
I'm suggesting that (New Zealand) denying access to their ports for ships that were helping to keep the peace, was not right.
– Margaret Thatcher on New Zealand's anti-nuclear policy
Margaret Thatcher was a towering colossus of her time. She transformed her country. She turned it from a country beset by an adverse image of itself, and she made it into a crusading world stage trotter.
– David Lange