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Hero image for Pavlova Paradise Revisited - First Episode

Pavlova Paradise Revisited - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2002

Cook discovered New Zealand, I discovered my pavlova paradise and now I’m going back there to see how it’s changed 40 years on.
– Austin Mitchell
If I had to give up the day job I could happily do a number of things in Central Otago. This is where I feel most rooted, if you like. Let me rephrase that because it’s not the word you want to use on New Zealand television.
– Actor Sam Neill
One of the things that’s changed in the 40 years since I first arrived in Dunedin is the way Kiwis treat their own history. In my day the story began only with the arrival of the first Europeans.
– Presenter Austin Mitchell
Otago: all the marvellous scenery, and Dunedin. We used to joke: put your watch back 20 years, you’re getting to Dunedin.
– Presenter Austin Mitchell