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Hero image for Sir Peter Blake - The Boy From Bayswater

Sir Peter Blake - The Boy From Bayswater

Television (Full Length) – 2003

Peter Blake was a North Shore guy who did well. He loved sailing, loved his family, loved having fun, and had the huge gift of being a natural leader.
– Ceramco crewman Simon Gundry
It was the best childhood anyone could’ve had.
– Son James Blake
Taking that piece of silver back to New Zealand, with everything that it’s going to mean to New Zealand, is what we’re after.
– Sir Peter gives a pre-America's Cup final speech to crew
He was non-confrontational. Peter hated a fight, he hated to just have no way out, but to front up to a guy and say ‘front up or p*ss off!’ He always liked to be able to manoeuvre around that situation and get the guy going his way without a fight.
– Sir Tom Clark
You can’t sail around the world five times and not be affected by nature ...
– Mike Quilter
He was never one to relax in terms of just lounging about. He was very much an action man. You’d have to get up very early to beat him up, he’d be having a cup of tea in the cockpit thinking about how the day was going to go. And it always involved how it was going to go with the kids.
– Don Robertson, on Blake family holidays
It’s the only time a world record’s been set by a boat trying to go slower … and failing.
– Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on Blake’s efforts to survive sailing around the world on Enza