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Polynesian Panthers

Television (Full Length) – 2010

We were just exuberant voices yelling out in the dark.
– Tigilau Ness
Part of me really feels for my uncle. Much like Tigi [Ness] and a number of the other members, they made some huge sacrifices, not just in terms of wealth but in terms of relationships, the way that they were viewed by other members of their family, other people within the community. The privileges that I enjoy today and that my son enjoys today are a direct result of the stand that people like my uncle took, and I just feel that there are so many people that don’t even know what the Polynesian Panthers are...
– Presenter Nevak Rogers
At that time it was so divisive, you had these cars pull up and call you 'nigger, bunga, da da da, go home and take off'.
– Original Polynesian Panther Will 'Ilolahia
Here we are, the weakest group in society, we're being victimised and so we have to fight back, if you like. And that's the thinking of 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds, which is what we were, and we thought 'we're doing the right thing’.
– Will 'Ilolahia on the birth of the Polynesian Panthers, Radio New Zealand, 18 June 2016
The Panthers gave voice to a sector of society that no one gave a shit about.
– Hone Harawira