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Pork Pie

Film (Trailer) – 2017


Pork Pie is a rare local remake — the source material is the 1981 movie which first got Kiwis lined up in blockbuster numbers, to see themselves on screen. This time round, the mini-driving rebels are played by James Rolleston (Boy), Dean O'Gorman (who also hit the road in Snakeskin) and Australian Ashleigh Cummings (TV's Puberty Blues). Writer/ director Matt Murphy is the son of Kiwi film legend Geoff Murphy, who directed the original Goodbye Pork Pie. The "reimagining" became the fourth highest grossing film in local release, during its first five days in New Zealand cinemas.

I'm really proud of what we've achieved. I think we've succeeded in harnessing the spirit of Dad's film while delivering some great entertainment for a new generation. We've made our own road to Invers with this film, but theres no mistaking it's from the same family as the original.
– Director Matt Murphy

Produced by

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Four Knights Film





Made with funding from the New Zealand Film Commission, in association with NZ On Air


Closing credits song: 'Language' written and performed by Dave Dobbyn

Soundtrack includes 'Wandering Eye' written and performed by Fat Freddy's Drop, and 'Not Many' (Scribe and P-Money) performed by Scribe


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