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Radio with Pictures - 17 June 1984 Television (Excerpts) – 1984 Music

Radio with Pictures - 17 June 1984

Television (Excerpts) – 1984 Music

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Scavs. We salute you Barry Jenkin.


JD 12 Jul 2014 - 09.06am

I was at the recording of 'Pull Down The Shades' on a Sunday night in The Enemy's dismal rehearsal rooms. As a flatmate of Alec Bathgate and fellow art school student with him and Mike Dooley we were dragged along to be the audience. But by then we were all firm Enemy fans and attended all of their Dunedin gigs. Happy daze...

Selwyn Price

Selwyn Price 2 Nov 2012 - 04.58am

It was great being a cameraman in Studio 2 at Shortland St working with RWP and having a high budget set "the studio wall" and great lighting and Barry and high infamous opening line "evening citizens" !

Dean Mills

Dean Mills 27 Sep 2012 - 12.15am

NZers topped Everest, pioneered open heart surgery, split the atom and broke the 4 minute mile... we created the wave. Rad Pix / Radial With Punctures as we affectionately called it pre-dated MTV by almost 4 years. Great days for NZ Rock!

Peter Grattan

Peter Grattan 4 May 2012 - 10.53am

Agreed, Richie


Michele 2 May 2012 - 07.10pm

Back when we were better at making our own stuff and not aping the U.S/English music scene.
I miss this show.

Richie Isaacs

Richie Isaacs 12 Apr 2012 - 02.02am

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