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Hero image for Ride with the Devil - 1, First Episode

Ride with the Devil - 1, First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2007

Television series Ride with the Devil follows a car-mad Chinese immigrant who arrives in New Zealand, and plunges into a world of car racing, burnouts and parties. In this first episode, Lin (Andy Wong, from TV movie Eruption) arrives in Auckland to stay with his aunt and start a business course. But by the end of his first night he finds himself in the middle of the action: trying to win a burnout competition in his cousin's car. Watching on is ex-con Kurt (Xavier Horan from Westside), who runs a custom car workshop. Kurt offers to help Lin get some wheels of his own.  

South Auckland Finance took a real risk setting you up in business. No security as such. No real income stream. Ex-con. Murderer.
– Pinky (Ali Foa'i) to Kurt (Xavier Horan), episode one

Produced by

  • TVNZ

  • Isola Productions