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Rally, Like Little Boys in a Man-sized Sport

Television (Full Length) – 1973

This documentary follows the 1973 Heatway Rally, a mud and oil-splattered event in which 120 drivers covered 3600 miles over eight days. Directed by future advertising legend Tony Williams, it was a major logistical exercise, with five camera units, shot by a who’s who of the 70s New Zealand film industry. In addition to high speed on-and-off road action, it includes an explanation of what co-drivers actually do, a chance for a driver’s wife to ride in a rally car, and driving and cornering montages set to orchestral accompaniment. It won the 1974 Feltex Award for Best Documentary.

The night times, I think, are the worst when you're sitting home on your own. You know that somewhere in the backblocks they're going one hundred odd miles an hour. It really is quite nerve wracking. I don't think anyone could sleep properly with her husband on a rally.
– Driver's wife

Key Cast & Crew

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Waka Attewell


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Tony Williams

Director, Camera

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John O'Shea


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Bill Walker

Second Unit Camera

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Kevin Passmore

Second Unit Camera

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Ib Heller

Second Unit Camera

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Produced by

Pacific Films


Presented with thanks to the New Zealand Film Heritage Trust – Te Puna Ataata