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The Club Show - 12 May 1979

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1979

Sports broadcasters turned entertainers Glyn Tucker and Ernie Leonard invite viewers to 'Walk Right In' in this ill-fated variety show. There are performances from singers including Bridgette Allen and Glyn Tucker himself; and belly dancing from the Elektra Dancers. It’s FA Cup Night, so Glyn interviews the manager of English football team Norwich City (with dimly lit footage of them playing a local selection) and Ernie has a rather odd chat with aviator Fred Ladd (who insists on answering in rhyming couplets). Equally curious is ‘The Silver Shot’ ...

We want the series to be lots of fun and we think Glyn and Ernie will help create this fun better than any other combination.
– Kevin Cameron (Producer), NZ Listener, 03 March 1979

Key Cast & Crew

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Kevin Cameron


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Ernie Leonard


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Glyn Tucker


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Wayne Daverne


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Robert Sharp


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Bridgette Allen


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This title features the Asi Sisters, the Elektra Dancers and Annabelle's Dancers.
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