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Sing Special - November 1975

Television (Full Length) – 1975

This end of season Sing special from 1975 takes place mostly in the Wild West. After some song and dance numbers and comedy, we meet two small-time crooks: Lone Wolf (Ray Woolf) and Crazy D (Laurie Dee). A musical showdown at the saloon ensues — featuring a Tom Jones medley — before a bungled bank robbery brings down the burglars. The performers include Craig Scott, Chic Littlewood, Angela Ayers and George Tumahai (who shows Woolf how to hongi). The show also contains a rare clip from A Going Concern, an early NZ soap of which no known episodes survive.

Well Crazy D, this is a fine mess you've got us into this time. Primrose County jail, that's what your ideas have got us. And I tell you boy, if we're not hanging high by a gallows tree by high noon then my name's not — The Lone Woolf.
– Ray Woolf, locked up in prison

Key Cast & Crew

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Ray Woolf

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Craig Scott

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Laurie Dee


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Anthony Stones


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David Gale


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