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Hamilton-born Carmel McGlone fell into acting while studying music. Her theatre work includes many legendary women: Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Aunt ramshackle male Digger (in comical duo Digger and Nudger). In 1987 McGlone spent an “enormously enjoyable” six months on TV's Marching Girls, then ran around Wellington in a gorilla suit, playing a singing telegram worker in comedy Send a Gorilla. McGlone was nominated for acting awards for both — and for 90s cop show Plainclothes. She also acted in Emmy-nominated web series Reservoir Hill, and co-starred in getting older drama Hook, Line and Sinker.

It was very unusual for New Zealand television — somehow it slipped through. There were 10 women in the programme ... TVNZ were a bit scared of it. I think they thought it might leap out of the set and bite them. But it was just a nice lovely series. Carmel McGlone on TV series The Marching Girls, in a 18 January 1990 Evening Post interview