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Hero image for Sidewalk Karaoke - Series Two, Episode 12

Sidewalk Karaoke - Series Two, Episode 12

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2017

Sidewalk Karaoke is so simple it’s genius. There’s no nastiness or focus on those contestants who don’t win – and there are a lot. Instead it’s a good-natured show that leaves you wanting everyone to win a thousand dollars.
– Madeleine Chapman on website The Spinoff, 6 May 2016
I'm going to take the money and shout Mum a feed, 'cause we came here to eat!
– A contestant takes the money after round one
Singing for me is a talent, and when God gives you a talent you need to use it.
– Contestant Lagitoa Sooalo
I was really keen on trying to develop a show that was the opposite to the big talent formats like X Factor and things like that. It had to be kind of nimble, I guess lo-fi enough to entice anybody into it.
– Series creator Bailey Mackey, to website Stuff, 1 May 2016