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Single on Ice

Television (Full Length) – 1999

The problem is amplified by the challenge of making inanimate objects like icebergs into characters that viewers can identify with. They're the things most filmmakers use as back-drops. [Mike] Single hopes to shift them to centre stage.
– Narrator Peter Hayden on the challenges of filming icebergs
We've had a shit run of weather and everyone's got really really grumpy, and this just makes up for it all ... absolutely fantastic on our last day ... I've got a tear in my eye.
– Mike Single
A fervour for combining leading-edge filmmaking with a musician’s talent and an explorer’s passion, has given him a lifestyle straight out of the golden age of adventure, but it also produces films that offer rare insight into nature’s power.
– Narrator Peter Hayden on Mike Single
I’m thinking today that I just need to sit back and absorb it all, and sort out how I’m going to film these bergs. The problem for my film is that the bergs seemingly don’t do anything, they just sit in the water and they’ve got interesting shapes. But to me I get such a strong feeling of life in the bergs. They’ve come from the polar plateau, broken off in huge chunks, then got sloshed on with waves, blown about by the wind, bits break off, they tumble over …
– Mike Single
They're working at the extreme edge of their technology and their experience.
– Narrator Peter Hayden on the challenges of underwater polar filming
Am I looking forward to going home? Well, I don't really have a home. I live on my boat ... home to me me is where I am at any time. So, at the moment I am home ... going back to New Zealand is just shifting from this place to that place.
– Mike Single