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Hero image for The Spinoff TV - Cow-pocalypse

The Spinoff TV - Cow-pocalypse

Television (Full Length) – 2018

How would humans fare if our favourite bovine beasts suddenly turned on us? In this report from The Spinoff TV, reporter Hayden Donnell is anxious to find out. Donnell starts to uncover an uncomfortable truth — that cows outnumber the Kiwi population two to one — and realises the odds may not be in our favour. Eager to put up a fight, Donnell learns that to outdo a cow, you gotta think like a cow. With a few moves taught by a combat expert and some insider guiding from a animal whisperer, he may just stand a chance in a cow uprising. Donnell is a journalist, producer, and half of married musical duo Great North. 

You're completely screwed if a gang of cows are coming at you.
– Fighting expert Barry Robinson on the chances of survival of a cow-pocalypse

Key Cast & Crew